Vacation Feature: Bookends Bookstore (Used Bookstore)

Where I Actually Leave The House

Feature where I post about random places I've been which focuses on places with books, conventions, and other random odds and ends with oodles of pictures, misc. madness, and fun (for me anyway!)

I didn't know this one excited until a few months ago. It's a bit of a drive for me so I don't see myself being able to go there often. Melissa and I had to check it out recently and it was fun. A lot smaller than the other used bookstore and we happened to come in the midst of her redoing the store so everything was everywhere. Definitely were surrounded by books though!


The entrance to the store.

A cool  basket and cart full of books to greet outside visitors.

You can say without a doubt you're surrounded by books in this store!

Another view of another area.

Yet another view.

Romances and such. They have ran out of room for these but also are in the process of moving stuff around so this is why less organization. I'm sure they will go up on shelves soon.

I loved the idea of these crates. She has been moving them and storing in boxes during the transition of the store's renovation. I need to go back soon and see more of the changes made.