WITWAYR: December - Holiday Reading Escape

and is hosted by Lisa.  

In real life my reading escape this month has been a lot of time in the tub. Before it's a lot of time in bed and on the porch, or in the living room even on the recliner, but this month it's been too chilly much of the time to sit outside, and the bath has become a comfort zone. In fact, my reading in the tub has become so legendary I requested a new bath robe for Christmas. Turns out I got one, and it's fuzzy and everything I could hope for. Very PINK too. It didn't come with slippers but it did come with socks. Even came with a cute eye mask. I won't use that to cover my eyes as I need the eyes for reading time, but it makes a brilliant headband in the bath to keep the hair back.

So, I'm going to make this post ALL about the bathtub experience and how it can be hyped.

Ideally I'd have a nice, big bathtub. In reality mine is average and small. I'll just post another bathtub to give the idea (mine needs cleaned anyway). I'd love to revamp the entire bathroom.

My friend bought me two candles that remind us of tea cups and are rose scented. I light one of these in the bath most nights. She said I could use them as tea cups when the wax is gone but I doubt I'll do that, as I have a feeling the perfume taste and wax feel will remain. Having a candle nearby, whether it's fragranced or not, still gives off a relaxing sensation.

Sometimes I bring in a cup of hot black tea depending on my mood. Otherwise I drink something icy cold in the bath like a tall glass of soda. I always have to have something to drink in there!

Here's of a shot of the new robe and socks I'll be using tonight after getting out of the tub and it's relaxing bath time. It's SO pink!

Getting my new robe has spurred on thoughts of self-indulgence. Ended up buying some bath bubbles tonight to complete the experience. Hope the one I'm trying is a good one, we'll see.

Tonight I finished by taking out some homemade slushee from the freezer. Got a Ninja kitchen set today and blended up fresh blueberries, shaved ice, lemonaide and a banana. Delicious! Extremely refreshing follow-up to the hot bath. The only issue is, I always have to refill the water a few times to heat it back up again. I stay in the bath THAT long :)

I guess if you don't hear from me for awhile, it may mean I've slipped in the slippery bathtub from all these ingredients! I also got a foot massage bath. My uncle got it for my aunt and she didn't want it, so they gave it to me. Not for the bath but sounds relaxing if I'm sitting in the chair. I'll try it and see if it's worth keeping or not.