Booking Through Thursday: Jan 31

 A Weekly Meme Hosted by Booking Through Thursday 

Do you lend your books? Are any out on loan right now? Do you have any that have been loaned to you? Do you put a time limit on these? Do you think people should make an effort to read the loaned book quickly?

I only lend my books to my best friend Melissa. She likewise loans tons to me. We have no time limits. We both get that we have tons to read. Generally speaking I try and read hers quickly but don't always (trust me!) If it's something we need back for a reason (like to loan to someone else or really into the series), we specify that and read it as the next book.  I have loaned a book to another friend I met at work, and she returned it. But otherwise I don't know many who read and wouldn't be comfortable loaning them out even if so.