Bookish Board Games

 I started collecting some board games about two years ago for my son and I to play together. It was a theme one Christmas and since then have slowly added to the collection. I'd have to say the favorites are Clue, Yahtzee, and Life.

I decided to browse the internet to find some Literary related games, and now I see certain games I need to add to the ever growing board game family.

Well really, how cool is this?

And do they make Monopoly for everything?

Even though I'm not a Monopoly fan, I'd like to own this when someone feels the urge to play. See the little ship and Robinson Crusoe/Treasure Island type scene on one side of the box, and on the other Frankenstein? Awesome. And Huckleberry Finn is sitting on the B!

The figurines, not sure. The whale is of course Moby Dick I'm sure. The fly may be from Lord of the flies.The game piece cards are from different novels.  There are different marks on the board such as genre, reading promotional advice, and further. Seriously, how neat can this board get? At 24.99, it would make a great gift for a book lover or reading monopoly fan.

From Amazon

At Amazon, there's also a version of Literary Scrabble but really, for the price tag of $30.00, not sure it's worth it. It seems a fun gimmick but there's little you can do with it to add a genuine literary touch.

Not a variation of another created game like Monopoly, this is a new one all on it's own. It was a Dark & Stormy night (besides having a brilliant, enticing name), looks fun by description as well. 

The goal of the game is to guess the book by first lines written and read aloud on cards. Personally I'd be terrible with this kind of game as I could never identify first lines.

39.99 at Gone Reading

Now this one IS one I'd like. There's plenty you can do with categories and themes for books with Trivial Pursuit. Have to dig the adorable cover too.

  • Questions on:
  • Beloved Children's Books
  • Popular Classics
  • Favorite Authors
  • Book Bag Surprises
Selling for 12.99, it's so far the most economical of the bunch too. Reviews seem positive. Amazon

Memory Challenge for Booklovers - not sure how fun it would be to keep flipping cards, but you can't deny the charm of this game.

From the Manufacturer

A Novel Twist on Memory! The Book Lovers Classics Edition of Memory Challenge allows players to enjoy the classics and create their own personal library while playing the world’s most popular matching game. Literary picture cards include a superior collection of the classics featuring beautiful illustrations, book covers, literary quotes and portraits of your favorite authors. Players have the opportunity to choose a literary role such as Author, Publisher, Illustrator or Editor and gain extra points for matches found within their profession. All new Glossary cards create new strategy and more fun and give the classic Memory game play a fresh interactive twist.

Liebrary looks like a unique and fun game, perhaps from the description one of the best.  Certainly one of the more creative ones.

Product Description:

In Liebrary, players are given a book title and the plot summary and then asked it create the most believable first line of the book. The object of the game is to bluff other players into believing that their first line is the correct one. The more outrageous the better.

Another from Amazon, only 18.99 and great reviews