Settings I'd like to see more of in my fiction

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of (Or At All)

1.   Woods and Campgrounds - The forest and woods are used all the time in horror movies, campy, cheesy, sequel filled. It's used because it's such a great, atmosphere rich setting. I see this location used much more in movies than books. I find it underutilized in the written horror genre.

2. Office Settings - I remember being in my early twenties and wanting to get into office work. I read a vintage Harlequin where the girl had been a secretary. The author went into detail with what outfits she wore, the office interactions, the work she did for her employer. Since then I've rarely seen many office settings in the other romance I read. I thought it fit the genre well and would like to read about more 'secretaries.'

3. Libraries - I LOVE stories set in Libraries. Most of them are mysteries and I adore them. It'd be nice to have a good horror tale with a library being a big part, or even a fantasy novel. How about an Urban Fantasy where the heroine is a librarian on the side? The bookworm in me loves this idea.

4. Museum - I don't have an excitement for museums, but I'm trying to think of a book I've read in this setting, and nothing comes to mind.

5. Cave - I can't recall any creepy Cave stories I've read, or any  mysteries surrounding a cave mystery.

6.  Bed & Breakfast Inns - I've loved stories set in mysteries for Bed and Breakfast inns. Wouldn't mind reading more of them.

7. Yacht - I like romance and mysteries set on Yachts, similar to Death on The Nile. Would love to read other Horror, Mystery, and Romances set on yachts and cruises.

8. Cabins in the mountains - Perfect for almost all  genres. Could combine with the woods. Set during the winter and isolation, summertime with waterfalls. Nature trails, wilderness. Can fit a variety of genres into this setting.

9.  Funeral Homes - I rarely read books written from the perspective of someone who works in a funeral  home, or a mystery set in a funeral home. Think it would be interesting.

10. Tea Shop, Coffee Shop, Bakeries - Common in mysteries, but I haven't read them yet and think the cozy scene fits perfectly.