Mailbox Monday

I'm getting this out a bit late but have to include it as I finally got in that Amazon order I was drooling over. Yes, Ever After is finally here after waiting for it forever. What's sad is I planned to pre-order it for months, but then the day I went to pre-order, I found out it was just released that day already because (sigh) they changed the release date on me.

New Books / Amazon Order

There it is in all it's glory - Ever After, the new Hollows Urban Fantasy book. Yes, I've already read it since getting it, finished yesterday. Tried to draw it out as long as possible but it eventually ends :(

Also picked up the new book in the Kara Gillian series that was released in late December, Touch of the Demon.

Black Wings is the first in a series (Urban Fantasy) that I haven't read. My friend Jeff recommended it to me off Goodreads. Looks to be four in the series so far.

Friends of Library/ Used

Picked these up at Friends of Library Sale - The Memory Keeper's Daughter and Southern Ghost Mystery. Memory Keepers Daughter sounds like a serious heartbreaker, and Southern Ghost sounds adorable.