MM: January 7

December was HUGE month for books. Because of a box I ordered from a friend, and the garage sale and Book Bizarre finds, it may have been my biggest book spending spree of 2012.

Finally last week all the books came in, including a contest package from Harlequin's Winter Community Event.  I also went book shopping at the bookstore where they had a buy two, get one free special.

Read on to see the new books I need to find room for on the bookshelf. This month will be milder for getting books.

Harlequin Community Event

I participated in the Community Event at Harlequin and was lucky to be the winner of a trilogy set from the author Kira Sinclair. They were all signed and personally addressed to me - Thank you Kara! I will treasure them and can't wait to read them.

All three sound divine and will be the first Harlequins I read this year.

Click on the links to find the Goodreads synopsis:


Tuesday was a bit depressing so my friend and I went to the bookstore together to cheers ourselves up. They currently have a buy two, get one free special, which is hard to beat for new books. Here are the ones I found.

I had Many Blood Returns on my wishlist for awhile, as it's an anthology theme I want to finish out. I already have My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. Still need My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon.

The Supplicant looked like an intriguing erotic book, which I read a few days after buying it. Review coming up soon.

Make Love the Bruce Campbell way is a treat - I still need to get his "If Chins could Kill" book. How could you not adore Bruce Campbell?

Graveminder is a find I kept seeing floating around Goodreads statuses. It sounds excellent and I'm very excited about this one.

Maybe this time is a complicated sounding romance. Sounds like there's tons going on in this one with a humorous twist.

Blood Magic is a Young adult which called to me both with it's cover and it's back cover blurb. It's also the first in a series.

The Big Book Box

My friend sent me a giant box of books to keep my company and clear up some of her shelves for room. She had a major amount of John Saul. Have a few of his to read already but now it seems almost his entire library!

The Blackstone Chronicles
Sleep Walk
The Devil's Labyrinth
When the Wind Blows
In the Dark of the Night
The Presence
The Unwanted
Black Lightning
The Unloved
Second Child
Midnight Voices

The rest of the box included five books from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child:

The Cabinet of Curiosities
The Relic

I picked out from her Red Dragon, since I have the others in the series

Also I have wanted Frankenstein from Koontz for AGES now, so glad she had those

She threw in Elizabeth Frankenstein and The Mammoth book of Vampire stories as bonuses. You should see this vampire anthology - Bram Stoker, Robert Bloch, Graham Masterston...

Picked up also
Red by Jack Ketchum
Heart Beast by Tanith Lee
Dark Dance by Tanith Lee

E-books Received for Review