Sunday Salon: Jan 13

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I haven't done a Sunday Salon for a few weeks. Shame on me. Holidays have kept me busy and I didn't do much reading or site work at all. I think I learned my lesson not to start any big reading projects in December ever again. Fun bloggish projects would work, but reading a lot likely won't happen. Too much going on and too little spare time.

Been trying to get a lot done this week but it seems like something always comes up, or else I'm just tired. It's weird that I would be sleepy almost all the time when I need to get something done, but there you have it.

School finally started for me on January 7th, Monday, so did the work for the new classes. So far it's not too difficult getting back into school, but it is only the first week!
Saw my friend Tuesday night for company, and also again on Thursday, where we went and met my other friend Susan for lunch. We stopped by a Catholic church because I wanted to see the glass inside, it looked gorgeous from the outside and had time to spare. It was breathtaking. We went to the Family Christian bookstore, where I haven't been for ages, and also to other random stores and ice cream while we sat and listened to oldies at the Twistie Treat. Saturday morning we helped my fiances mother move, but that's about it for this week besides odds and ends.

My cat has yet another UTI, which is so irritating because he keeps getting them, they hurt him, and they can be dangerous and life threatening. :(

Meh reading is so so for the new year. I have several books I left half finished from before I'd like to clear off my pile and start the slate clean.

I finished the last of the Chronicles of Narnia book, The Last Battle. I did a romance called Bring it On. I read more of, but still never finished, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I had to read and study two chapters out of my Humanities textbook, which was actually pretty interesting. One chapter was on Greece, the other Rome. Like the style they used for the book, Adventures in the Human Spirit

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