Sunday Salon

Past Week - Personal Stuff

Wow, can you believe it's already January 27th? The month has been flying by. I have been spending the last two weeks redoing the site's design, hope you like. Wanted something that was still "different" but a little clean cut and with more contrasting lines than the other version. Only thing left to do is change the footer and then change some of the posts that look messed up since I switched over the themes.

Besides that, haven't done much this week besides apply for a decent amount of jobs. School is going well so far - got a 97 for my second paper in Professional writing and caught up on my work with Humanities. Not sure of my grades in that class yet. Finding I'm happy to have gone back to school and enjoying it.
Getting a job seems to be  almost impossible, and I do hope something kicks in soon before the unemployment ends. The balance is almost up but I don't know how it works.

I haven't read much this week, but today is going to be all about reading. I have the new Ever After, the most anticipated book by me of the year, and I've been eagerly waiting for it for over six months now. I wanted to read almost all day and treat myself to something special to eat while doing it. I'm making a later start of it than I wanted because I started the day with a headache, which doesn't equal reading time for me. Haven't had much sleep for days, so ended up taking some headache pills and sleeping more, and now I finally feel great and ready to get this late day started.

Decided that to treat myself I would get a Papa Johns pizza, my favorite pizza place that I haven't indulged in for almost three years now for dinner while lounging around at home doing the Hollows read a thon.

Read-a-Thons rock.

Earlier in the week I finished the kids book Under Town. It's 142 pages and I've been reading it off and on. Have three shorts left with the Bloch anthology. I'm aiming to read one anthology a month as I can't sit there and read it straight. I also have been re-reading the Hollows Guide for review purposes.

Website Progress

Besides working on the design, haven't done a new post. Was too focused on recreating everything but that should change soon. Have several reviews to put up.