Book World Weekend: Feb 2

An Original Paperback Stash Feature

I wanted something that showcased the happenings around book blogs and sites by week, special events in the reading community, a location to display stunning bookstores, libraries, and others. Basically anything to do with the wonderfully huge world of books. Can be posted anytime on the weekend, Friday - Saturday - or Sunday.  Feel free to grab the button and join me!


Bookish-World Places

The entrance to Duluth Public Library in Minnesota is on the left.  Love the details and bright colors they used for the "book sleeves." On the right is the  Storytime area at the Stockholm Public Library. Isn't is neat looking? Wonder what the story is behind the "big chair" in the center by the painting? Click either picture to enlarge.


Bookish-World on the Web
Pretty much all the yearly challenges are now up from blogs around the internet, including mine, which A Novel Challenge kindly linked to when I put in there information.  Go there to make sure you didn't miss any great challenges you wished to sign up for the year 2013.

February 9th through 13th will have a Literary Blog Hop hosted by Leeswammes' Blog.

Printed Books Giveaway Hop, hosted by I am a Reader, not a Writer


Bookish-World Creativity

 I'm not sure where this statue is or who made it, but it's amazing. Dr. Seuss all the way. You even get the Grinch and his reindeer to the side.