Bookish Box Sets

For my fiance's birthday this year, I bought him the Games of Thrones book box set (books 1-4). He already has the first one and wanted to read the second, so technically there are now only three new books to be had. He still wanted the other three in the series, though, and it was an economical, easy way to grab them from Walmart.

It got me to thinking that *I've* never owned a book box set yet. I've collected several movie box sets and special collections over the years, including a foreign UK Phantasm Ball and spending several hundred on the unique collectibles, but with books? Never

I was curious what was out there and figured it'd be fun and useful to share some of the neat ones I stumbled across. The major theme appears to be Fantasy.

Harry Potter

The most impressive by far has got to be the Harry Potter set that looks like a suitcase. It's awesome. Movie box sets blow these book sets away by design, but I suppose they're just better sellers. This set comes closest to rivaling a movie set. At about 195.00, it's pretty steep but a good idea for diehard fans

Being such a popular series, there are a few other box sets.

Chronicles of Narnia

This big deal series has always had plenty of fans, but I was still surprised to see there were several box sets for it. Nothing as elaborate as the best Harry Potter one above, and not something I'd get since I already own the series, but you do have a wide choice to choose from (at least 5 sets), in addition to some editions being released with all seven books in one large volume.

What's even cooler for this one is the Audiobook set, they went all out for this one. 54.00 at Barnes N Nobles


A Wrinkle in Time Quintet

Roald Dahl (Would love this one!) Inheritance Cycle
Sookie Stackhouse House of Night Series
Spiderwick Chronicles TRUNK
Anne of Green Gables