Ten Bookish Memories

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Best Bookish Memories

1.  Meeting RL Stine and Heather Brewer at Convention - Mailbox Monday post about it here

2. Getting a box of books from mother for Christmas. One of the best Christmas present ever. I was a teenager and it was filled with SO many books, all a dream for me to find. I would save up as much money as possible to get books at the local bookstore, but sadly could not afford many at a time. This box was a dream come true when I received it.

3. Book shopping with best friend. We have much fun shopping at different locations. We usually get food while out and have hit different stories through the nearby towns.

4. Fiance and I shopping at used bookstore in Plant City. The place has now shut down but when we were first dating, we would go together and shop at the local  bookstore with the delicious sandwiches they had.

5. Wrapping individual books up for my son to get for Christmas. He wasn't overly excited but it was fun planning, shopping, and wrapping individually. MM post here

6. Getting a bookshelf built from own plans. It was a funny day and it was the first custom built bookshelf I had. See post here from years ago.

7. Getting custom bookshelf done by parents as prize when a kid. The garage was converted into my bedroom, and my mother lined a wall with wood and bricks, all painted different colors. Was gorgeous and I loved it. Used it for at least ten years.

8. Horror Web Chats - Through a chat with Tamara Thorne won her three autographed books. Also won other bookish related materials, including an Evil Dead documentary independent film.

9. Meeting Clive Barker - Met at Texas Frightmare Convention. He was a sweetheart and amazing in person.

10. This site - I've loved the comments and posting over the years.