MM: February 18

I got a decent amount of books this week...but not as  many as I thought I would. I THOUGHT the yearly  book fair was last Friday. Instead it turns out it's THIS coming Friday, so those books will have to be on hold when bought (if any) for next week's Mailbox Monday.

All the books this week were found while browsing a used bookstore. Well, actually two thrift stores when I was shopping for other stuff. The books called my name. Sadly at one store I only had the chance to look at half of the top two shelves (finding lots there) before my friend had to take off, so the book browsing was cut short. Good for my wallet maybe, but not sure about my curiosity of what else may  have been there waiting to be discovered. This still nags me days later.

Store #1

I didn't find much at the first store, but then I stumbled upon the children's section and hit pay dirt. Before this it was growing discouraging and I thought I'd walk away with nothing before discovering  .  What a cute looking book, who can resist that adorable cat cover? The blurb of the cats biography sounds intriguing. An abandoned kitten that transforms a small town library - and there's random kitty pictures!

The children's section tossed up many luxuries - for cheap prices, five books for the A Series of Unfortunate Events Series. Now I need to order the first! Also I found two more books in the Spiderwick Chronicles. I had fun reading the other short books I found (shown in Mailbox Monday here). These are two hardcover versions and beautiful inside. Will put up the pictures when the books are read and the reviews up.

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Store #2


Usually I'm not lucky enough to find this many mysteries. Again this is the shop where I was only able to browse half the shelves before having to leave. Obviously I found plenty in the browsing time I had!

Any Agatha Christie I don't own is always nabbed up - I didn't even realize until I got home that Murder in the Mews is a short story collection of my favorite, Hercule Poirot. I probably should have read Valentine Murder for this years Valentines, but I didn't have a chance with the other books I was reading. Perhaps next year.

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From the same store, more amazing goodies. I don't need any more Harlequins, but I still can't resist them. I have so many to read but they are like addictive candy to pick up. I had a copy of Treasure Island but I fell in love with this cover. The other fits on my shelf in a problematic way. I picked this one up to replace that one, and put my other version with the rest of the donations the park is doing for a clubhouse library. I of course HAD to grab some more JR Ward Brotherhood series, but I won't be starting these until I read the second book in the series. Kelley Armstrong is another author high on my list to start reading, and since this is an anthology set in her series, it will be awhile before I can get to it. Hannibal Rising is the last book I needed to complete the Harris series.

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Until next time - Happy Reading AND Book Buying