Under Town

(Edgar and Ellen, #3)

Have Edgar and Ellen met their mischievous match? The stars of Nicktoons animated series descend into the sewers to find out.

Someone is tormenting the fine people of Nod's Limbs--and for once, it's not Edgar & Ellen! A new prankster is one step ahead of the twins, making mischief all over town. To discover the identity of this daring new foe, Edgar & Ellen must descend under town...and stop this rash of copycat capers once and for all!

Started out slightly dull but grew better. Cute, cute little thing...

The drawings are scarce but fun in a Gothic, childish way. Think of 'Nightmare before Christmas' kind of thing. I did laugh aloud a few times, humorous moments especially when things really got going. Easy to visualize what was going on from the writing style. 

The characters were fun and easy for adults and children alike to latch on to. The story was complex and complicated enough to be daring, original, and makes this fill up with substance. The ending was a little twisted with what happened with the plant, and ironic with the very end, but this fits into the bizarre gothic trend the author is going for. The end of the book has a code to unlock things on the site, where apparently there are games and other things. Will actually check it out. 

The only edition I have of the series but if I run into more, will pick it up. At 152 pages it is not a quick, light read for the young ones, but interesting for them and adults as well will appreciate the fun humor (especially the bees)..

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