Sorry I haven't been around!

I have not forgotten about the site at all - just been so preoccupied the past few weeks. Have several reviews to put up, things to update, and hope to get some worked on the site this weekend.

Tomorrow is a busy day with my friend going to thrift stores, and Saturday is the first annual Florida Ice Cream festival we'll be attending in the morning. My hard drive has been giving me several issues and I had to replace it Monday. The computer has been slow and laggy for a week prior :/

I had two job interviews this week with the same company as well so crossing fingers. I have to send in a lot of paperwork for background checks, they are pretty extensive! DMV reports, Police report checks, credit check forms, wow. I also have to set up an interview to get fingerprint testing. Never had to do any of that before for a job.

Just wanted to drop this note to say I'm still here, still getting computer updated, and still around.