2013 Summer Reading Program Themes/Posters Released

Personally I liked the 2012 themes and art a little better for the kids, and I did love the adults with Scarlett O'Hara and Frankenstein reading each other's books. I also loved the theme title, "Own the Night." This year really rocks for adults too, though, with a Zombie themed year. Guess Walking Deads popularity continues to take off.

What do you think of this year's theme?

Children's: Dig Into Reading - The dirt and digging idea will work well with the kids,  I think. Browsing some library display ideas, some are making mock fossils, offering gummy worms as treats to munch on "while reading," and rock crafts should go over big.

Teen: Beneath the Surface - Unfortunately I haven't found a larger version of this one yet. Clever idea with the teens - caves, under the sea type adventure stories, mysteries and clue hunts at libraries. From the poster it's kind of all over the place though - space, horses, helicopters, hm...

Adult: Groundbreaking Reads - Clearly we're a bit Zombie themed, and you know what? That's awesome. Enjoy the summer, readers. It may feel like it's October at the library with the theme, but you know what? That's also awesome.

Celebrity Reading Poster 2013

Being a Superman fan, besides being excited for the Summer movie, it's nifty the ALA jumped on getting Henry Cavill to feature as a Celebrity read poster for 2013. It's an added touch to have him holding a Superman. This isn't as common as you'd think - a lot of the past celebrity posters have the celebrities holding books completely non-related to the book/movie adaption they're known for.