Capture by Emily French

(No Series)

The Indians called her Little Turtle. Flame-haired and reckless, Jeanne pledged to fight her hated captor to the end. Only in the alien forests and lakes could Jeanne grow to understand the savage splendor of Black Eagle and the ways of her own heart.

Black Eagle. Fearsome. Dangerous. Powerful. Drawn by Jeanne's courage, the proud warrior spared her life. His destiny had been foretold in a secret vision of the pale-faced daughter of the moon. But the singing in his blood would be denied until Jeanne was rightfully his.

This book was good and different from other Indian romances. It hurt that my enjoyment kept getting dampered as I remained pissed off for the majority of the book. Jeanne is captured at the beginning after her father dies, and it is an all out unnecessary attack. The Indian guide she is with is attacked and her companion is shot in the back with an arrow. One Indian dies in the capture and she is brought back to the village along with her dying companion. She is made to feel shame for the dead Indian like it's somehow her fault. This pissed me off - she was acting in self-defense and this is never defended nor let up on with the book.

Jeanne as a character worked well - she's surprisingly high spirited (although she felt bad the guy was dead), stubborn, resilient, and likeable. The hero of the tale was likeable once I got past some of the annoyances of the attack. He's more stand offish for the majority of the book than normal. In the end all the characters and the changes turned out incredibly likeable. The relationship seemed genuine and sweet (after my anger was slowly releasing anyway...)

I also in one way enjoyed her ambition for the warrior angle - in other occasions it started getting annoying and too much. This was the first Harlequin type Indian romance I've read. French's style with words rocked and shied completely away from melodrama or cheesiness; she writes well. The plot was different enough to remain interesting, but some of the situations grew tiresome. There were multiple layers in the story beyond their romance, more of a lifestyle exploration, which I enjoyed.

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