Mailbox Monday...on Tuesday

Okay, so yeah, I totally meant to post this yesterday. Instead I ended up being out of the house almost all day. Nathan and I went to Tiger Direct and it took hours, then later I went to Starbucks and talked to someone I met for three hours. When I got home I was exhausted and had to go to sleep to get up for work.

So, a day late, ta-da!

The last Sookie Stackhouse book!

Loving the glitter on the cover, the graphics, the inside insert is awesome with the moon and different animals (Eric, *heart thump*) and they've add a CH and vampire logo when the cover is removed.

Black Magic Sanction

I already owned and read this one in Hardcover form, but I want to collect both versions of the series. This was the last on the shelves. The hardcover has a different cover and I especially love this paperback one, especially the inside slip.

Crimes by Moonlight

Not sure how good this anthology will actually be, but it was staring at me from the Bargain book shelf so I had to pick it up.

Overall a very fun night at the bookstore. The moon was full, the trip up there excellent music kept rocking from the mp3 player, and the place was jammed packed as it was Friday night.