My son turned 12!

My son's birthday was May 5th, and I had to decide on a cake to make him. Sure, I could always buy one, but I enjoy homemaking his cakes. Frankly I'm not that good at the decorating and usually overextended my imagination versus my experience, but I still enjoy trying. The last few years I have stuck to a Superhero theme, but this year I decided to have a literary touch and make him a cake from his favorite book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

We both love these books. I couldn't recommend them enough. I saw the first movie, but to me it was semi-impressive compared to the writing and drawings in the actual books themselves. My best friend (we're both in our 30s) and I love reading the books with our kids and all talking about them.

I decided to try and make a Diary of a Wimpy kid book with homemade marshmallow fondant. That stuff is a nightmare to work with for me. I think I didn't add enough powdered sugar to it so kept having to incorporate more and more to make it workable.

One thing that actually did work in my favor this year was  getting the coloring right. However, for some reason the book was a bit crooked and I didn't have much luck with the fondant fitting tightly. The worst part was the drawing with the cake marker, as apparently I can't draw and this "Marker" turned out to be more of a paintbrush and did not have a fine point.

Either way, here is the cake, thought I'd share since it was book-themed.

Not the best effort but it tasted delicious. I used the "stinky cheese" and a Diary of a Wimpy kid bookmark for effect.