Savage Surrender by Colleen Faulker

(No Series)

Determination and a will to live were all that kept Lady Rachael Moreover from giving up in the first days after her capture by the Iroquois. She'd never surrender to those savages, no matter what they threatened! But the broad shoulders, jet-black hair and sun-bronzed skin of one strikingly handsome brave attracted her, despite her defiance. And when he saved her from certain death, Rachael knew she must give herself completely to this rugged and untamed man, surrendering to the pulsing heat of his desire and the power of his savage passion...

His people would never understand the futility of continued bloodshed and killing of the white man. But when Storm Dancer saw the tribe's newest captive, with her strong spirit and perfect beauty, he knew she was a white woman like no other. He ached to run his fingers through the tangled curls of her glorious dark hair, to pull her cool white body alongside his, and to feel the sweet softness of her lips beneath his own. Storm Dancer knew of Rachael's strong will, but he also sensed her hidden desire, and he promised to ignite those smouldering flames with his own burning passion as she became his in a SAVAGE SURRENDER

The first half of this one was harsh, brutal, and nauseating. You end up wanting the tribe to be killed off, having no mercy for them. The exception of course is the hero of the story, who is genuinely awesome. Rachael is a wonderful heroine, strong willed and feisty, sweet and intelligent, driven and motivated. Thankfully the two are able to move on and away from the corruption and yickiness. Their relationship turned out genuinely incredible.

The book is helped in that there are multiple layers besides the relationship - different shifts of relationships, different meetings of people, journeys and struggles. This is the second one in a row I read where a child didn't seem like it would be born. I won't spoil if it finally happens here or not. The added betrayal of her travel companion and how that ends up was an added dimension.

This one works so well because of the depths - very layered, realistic enough (as well as it could be anyway), characters that are supposed to be likeable truly are, their is fun humor, seriousness that is genuinely heart-breaking, different people popping up to create havok, enemies from multiple directions, personal journeys and spiritual growths. Highly recommended for fans of this genre.

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