Spirit Warrior by Cassie Edwards

(No Series)

When a devastating Indian attack leaves her stranded in the untamed land of Wyoming, Denise Russler must accept the aid of a man she does not trust. A man called Spirit Warrior...

For some bizarre reason, every few years it seems I go through a phase craving Indian romances. There's something about them (well, SOME of them), that's just plain fun. Forget the ever popular cowboy romances, a well done Indian romance leaves me soaring.

I had previously read Savage Love by Cassie Edwards and frankly? Loathed it. This one I didn't expect much from either, but to my surprise it was better written. The authors writing style still relies at times too heavily on exclamation points (why do romances do this?), cheesy dialogue during intimate scenes, a wee bit of melodrama and too much purity for realism. But the story behind this one packed a small punch with it, making the bad points easier to swallow as I went along.

Their relationship was, of course, unrealistic in terms of how quickly they fell for each other, how deeply they did, and how they acted with kid gloves. The dialogue wasn't bad unless they were under the 'teepee sheets', though, and there were genuinely sweet, awwwww moments to be had. I dug her brother as a side character, his personality rung true enough. There were two outside forces against them in this one, both of the villains twisted and disgusting.

Added in was the unusual situation with the "Mountain Men' and their children, and even better still was the overlying story of Spirit Warrior's real mother and the betrayal that went with it. What a despised tradition if you had twins. I think it's this base story accompanied with the other parts of the situation which made this one shine above others.

The ending was sweet but not sappy since it didn't focus much on the actual couple, but again with the deceit and betrayal surrounding his birth and circumstances. If Indian romances are your thing, here's another one to try.

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