Sunday Salon: May 26th

Past Week - Personal Stuff

First, I'm delighted this is a three-week holiday. Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

Work went well all week and I have started going to the local McDonald's on my lunch break. I wanted something close by in order to stay close to work for scheduling (get an hour), but an easy trip, and also McDonald's now has the $1.00 cokes. I sit outside on their patio and read or update on my phone with friends while enjoying a drink and my lunch. It only takes around five minutes travel so it works out perfectly.

Friday night I went out to the bookstore to pick up the new Sookie Stackhouse novel. Nathan didn't want to get out so I went alone but it was a glorious night. The moon was incredibly full and out the window driving up there, I saw it without clouds and looking full. It made an impression on me. When I got home I noticed on Facebook that someone else had asked if others had seen the "supermoon" that night, and my friend mentioned on the phone that she thought of me when she looked up at saw it.

The trip to Books-A-Million was great. All these killer songs kept coming on the MP3 player blaring through the radio, and it felt good and rejuvenating to get out of the house and away from work. The bookstore is in the newer mall area was slammed with people, and the movie theatre is right by it so that was also full. It was fun being in a crowded bookstore. I quickly browsed the bargain aisle and picked up a mystery anthology, then I bought the new Sookie Stackhouse, and also another copy of Kim Harrison's Black Magic Sanction. I have the hard cover of it but want to have both formats, and didn't have this paperback cover. My friend called me while I was inside to let me know how much fun they were having at a movie convention, so we had fun joking about that. Over all a fun night.

Saturday I was lazy and did little, even though I had a lot of plans to get stuff done. Nathan and I went out to eat at Dennys and saw my mom at work there that evening. Caught up on Revenge and wow, can you believe the finale? Can't wait for next season.

I'm going to mainly do my TV shows over the weekend. Behind on so many of them. :/

Today I need to get a lot done but again haven't. Not laziness this time around, but a headache that just.won't.leave!!  I wanted to get some reading done today on the porch after I cleaned them but again, headache? Headaches and reading don't mix.  Hopefully it leaves soon so I can start getting things accomplished AND doing the fun stuff.

I am re-reading and almost done with the third book of the Kim Harrison hollows series (Every Which Way by Dead.) I will read Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris next. It hasn't been a huge reading week but I finished up the second novel of the series, almost done with the third now, and then will start the new book.
Website Progress

It was fun this week to do the Top Ten Tuesday post.

I also did a few reviews that were half unfinished and sitting there as drafts forever:

Cycle of the Werewolf (Graphic Novel)
True Blood Volume 1: All Together now (Graphic Novel)
Black Fire by James Kidman