Book Cover Themes I enjoy

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Favorite Book Covers Of Books I've Read

I'm changing this one up a bit. I don't have ten top favorite covers. Instead I'd rather do a "cover formula type" to be more accurate.

That "Glitter" Touch

Books with glitter have that extra sumthin-sumthin. The early Sookie Stackhouse, the Charmed Witch books, The Need series by Carrie Jones - all have little flecks of glitter and a special charm to their cuteness.
Cartoonish Covers

Speaking of Sookie, they took the cake not only for glitter but also cartoonish art. Many cozy mysteries follow this trend as well.

Eye and Face Closeups

Whether art or with real models, generally the close-up is of a girl of woman. Matches all genres (YA, Fantasy especially)
Harlequin Circles

Usually sketched and put in circles where the cover is otherwise white. Always loved these and how it made Harlequins stand out.

Typically the person is turned around or shown at an angle. Popular with YA
Gothic Covers

Usually frightened women running from castles or with wood and fog. The look is usually melodramatic and catchy.
Witchy Covers

Usually with murder mysteries and witch series, with cute cats and adorable charming cartoonish type look.
Cute Cozy Mysteries

The covers can be closeups of food, people, or objects. Usually not much detail but the melodramatic picture matches the fun title.
Creepy Horror Covers

They can be of anything, as long as it is eerie looking.
Exaggerated Teen horror

Cartoonish types, almost like mini posters, usually cheesy.