Ten Books When You Need Something Light And Fun

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Books When You Need Something Light And Fun

Diary of A Wimpy Kid

My son got me hooked on this book series. It is hilarious, truly. Awesome dry humor that never gets old, love it. Perfect for light, fun reading. Caters to all audience ages.

I have a decent collection of Garfield collections. Reading about the fat cat and his adventures is always a light, fun time to be had. I may be a cat lover myself, but Jon is one cat owner I don't envy.

One For the Money

This book is popular and many may find the series overrated and overdone. However, this first book was incredibly refreshing, amusing, and charming. I literally laughed aloud on more than one occasion. That car especially made my day.
Murder can kill your social life

Not only is it satisfying to read about a realistic female sleuth with weight, esteem, and sibling issues, but this book also packs a punch when it comes to easy-going laughs and carefree irony.

Too many Cooks kill the Broth

Even if each preceding book soured the reading broth for me (I quit after book 4), the first was so ingenious and clever I re-read it, rated it five stars, and recommend it everywhere. Truly excellent, hilarious, brilliant humor here.
101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire

An ebook which teaches the all important cautionary levels on traveling with a vampire, this one dips into every humorous (and serious, if it were true - wink, wink, nudge nudge) situation imaginable about being a vampire's traveling companion and assistant. Light reading? Lists are always light reading.

Old School Ties

I can't say how much I enjoyed Old School Ties, it was THAT good. Leigh Michaels raises the bar on realistic humor in cute situations and non-stop charming cuteness without becoming nauseating and forced with this one. An all time favorite.
An Unfortunate Event Series

While it won't always deliver laugh-out-loud reactions, the light reading and grim charm coating these books are a must when in the mood for something simple, entertaining, and fascinating.

It Takes a Witch

A recent read of mine, this first in a witch-themed series charmed it's way into my heart with magical humor, a quant town that you fall in love with, and several scenes where I quoted them for their sheer humor on Goodreads. Mystery-cozy bliss!