Haunted by R.L. Stine

(Fear Street, #7)

A ghost from the future is haunting Melissa and it's up to the two of them to prevent a young man's death from ever happening.

Rating as a book for this young of an age group, was better than the normal RL Stine fear street story.

From an adult perspective of course would not give a four star rating, but for the age group it was well done and well layed out.

The protagonist, Melissa, is from a wealthy family and gets used to teasing about her family's money. Even though she's well-off, she seems less snobby than some of her other friends. On her birthday, all sorts of weird things start happening, such as feeling the steering wheel of her car being grabbed by an unseen force. At home she encounters the ghost of a teenage boy she doesn't recognize, who said she killed him and his death is her fault. He wants revenge, but she claims innocence, swearing she's never seen him in her life.

The ending of this book is actually much deeper than most of Stine's other books, and it's pretty sad. When the bizarre mystery is explained, it's profound, and what happens is bitter and gut-wrenching, which isn't the norm for this kind of stuff. Color me impressed.

There is little creep factor, really. It's more of a mystery type Fear Street. Both characters are completely likeable. To me this is one of Stine's best works, and instead of relying on fun scares and light cliches, there's a real drama story here for young adults to enjoy.

As an adult, these books don't hold up well with writing style and chapter cliffhangers; however, it's great for young adults venturing into older, suspenseful type reading for their age groups.

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