Man of Steel Premiere

We decided to go all out for the Superman premiere, Man of Steel. Gage, Nathan and I went to Walmart first to see if we could find some Superman themed T-Shirts to wear to the movies. After this, we went to dinner at the Golden Corral Buffet, which was delicious. We killed additional time in the Books a million shopping (got 2 books) and then eating at Yogurt Mountain. Finally, we were ready to see the movie at 10:10 in Imax 3d. It turned out great and I'm glad we went and made it a special day by throwing other odds and ends in there.

Had to take a picture of the cute Superman cakes. They had a lot of cute clothes in the women's section, but we ended up finding more and buying the ones from the Entertainment area.
Walmart's display for the Superman merchandise Walmart's display for the Superman merchandise

At books a million, they browsed the comic book section

Nathan and Gage in line for the movie with their new shirts

One of the shirts I picked out. Also got a baby blue one. A lot of people, like this baby, went all out for the premiere.

Ended up getting the Action comics poster, and the other middle Superman movie poster Another shot at Books a Million of the two browsing.
Golden Corral - Where we ate dinner. Action Figures. We didn't get any of these.