Mystic Moon by Patricia Simpson

(Native American, #1)
Romantic Suspense

Carter Greyson was an outcast and a loner, until a brush with death altered his mind and his appearance. As the eerie howling of wolves draws him deeper into a mystery, he is compelled to follow. Arielle was a naive college student until a wise and honorable man gave her life new meaning. Now Dr. Arielle Scott is determined to find her old mentor.

When their paths cross, Carter and Arielle discover a dangerous plot that threatens the very foundation of an Indian tribe to which they are both irrevocably linked. Each tenuous step toward renewing an ancient trust may shatter their lives forever or lead them into the magic of lasting love.

This is going to be a bit short for review length.

The beginning was a lot more interesting than the book was once it reached its center arc. It didn't drag along necessarily, but there was nothing to grab and addict you. I read out of mild interest to see what would happen later, but not because I was dying to know once things got heated up.

Still, characters were enjoyable, especially the main hero of the story, as he was flawed. The heroine was a little less likable as she had more of a one-dimensional goodness. Ending was a cliffhanger and trails more of the story I'd like to read.

Expected a bit more with the wolf angle in this one and, after the first half of the book, it seems almost an afterthought until the end. Literally, a conversation brought it back to my mind, "Oh Yeah! I had forgotten about the WOLVES." They were not present highly in the story and actually have only a small part to do with it.

Writer is talented with words and the pace is always swift, so while the story doesn't always grab you or keep and hold you, it won't bore you.

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