Sunday Salon

Past Week - Personal Stuff

I had a four day week for work this week, so that was nice. It seemed to go a bit slow for some reason still. Funny how those things happen. Overall it's been a pretty uneventful week. I've been doing some reading, work, spending time with son and fiance, and that's about it. I still am majorly behind on cleaning still, ugh. 

I did do a lot of blog work this week though so that has made me happy. It's relaxing getting back into the fold of things.

I finished the final Sookie Stackhouse book this week. I will be putting the review up after this Sunday Salon.

I really need to start reading more after work! I am falling very behind on challenges and my goal at Goodreads :(

Website Progress

The website has been pretty busy this week.

Posted my Mini Harlequin Recap. 
These are one of my favorite features of the site and I greatly enjoy doing these.

I had fun participating in Armchair BEA last week, which ended today.

The posts I took part of are:

Instagram Challenge 6/1 
Instagram 5/30
Instagram 5/29
Armchair BEA June 1
Armchair BEA May 31
Armchair BEA May 30
Armchair BEA Day 2
Armchair BEA: Classics
Armchair BEA: Introductory Questions

Also I made a post detailing my Fairy Tale Crate Project. :) My first crafting type post for the site.

Weekly Features:

A late Mailbox Monday
Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie Choice
Booking Through Thursday, Ideal Reading Spots

Reviews posted:

True Heart by Charlotte Lamb - Old school Romance
Need by Carrie Jones - YA Series
Fear and Trembling by Robert Bloch - Older Horror Anthology
Tykota's Woman by Constance O'Banyon - Indian Romance

Random Posts

A Dream Reading Spot