The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike

(The Last Vampire Series, Book #1)
Young Adult

Sita is five thousand years old and believes she is the last vampire. When someone begins hunting her, she thinks it is the client of a detective she killed. She enrolls in high school and befriends the detective’s son, and later falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, Sita’s creator Yaksha has been following her, believing he must kill her to atone for his sins. Sita thought she had killed him years before.

“Death never comes at the right time, despite what mortals believe. Death always comes like a thief.” 

At first I didn't think I would be crazy about this one, but then Pike went into his usual self and made this one unique enough to be interesting. 

I'm not that into young adult vampire type novels, as most of the type they are cliche, melodramatic, or else just not that interesting because they have been overdone. Sita is a vampire who is ancient and typical on how detached she is from people, being  what she is, but tries to hold within a sense of her own personal code and honor. The book did not work because of the characters really, but rather because of the story and twists Pike later injected into the novel.

The story is about the ancient vampire finding out that someone has hired a private investigator to follow her around. Her goal is to find out who hired the man since her secrecy is clearly a big deal on identity. The story is filled with flashbacks all the way back to ancient India. Typically flashbacks can bring me out of a story some, but they were interesting enough to work, even if most of the time I felt anxious to come back to modern time. 

The ending was great and I do want to read the sequel because of it. A much different sort of vampire story, but I don't expect anything less from Pike. It was less than 200 pages but had some mystery, romance, action, and YA themed, written in the 90's. It's not my perfect book, obviously, as I still feel stuff like this is done a lot and it didn't stand out as more than 3 stars, but if your young teen is wanting to read a vampire story and you are a fan of Pike, it's a good idea to try and see if your local library owns this one.

   Book Quotes:

“Darkness approaches from outside. I feel no light inside me strong enough to resist it.” 

“Some loves have to be given up, others have to be forgotten. Strange as it may sound, if you think of me as a monster, but I can love most passionately. I do not think of myself as evil.”  

“When you were in love you knew no fear or hatred.”

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