Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon Tracking

Check out this post to see my goals and the details of the week long readathon.

Going to keep bumping this post at the top as I add daily updates.

Friday 7.06
I went to work *yay* and read about 40 pages at lunch of A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison.

I also bought a new set of reading glasses after work to wear at home. My other pair is kept at work.

And I completed two challenges - Challenge: Jigsaw Puzzle (such fun) and Challenge: Title Scramble (some difficult, I know I got some wrong.)

Thoughts about today: Didn't read as much as I anticipated so a bit bummed. What I read of Fistful of Charms is some of my favorite parts of that book and the challenges were a lot of fun. 

Saturday 8.06

Finished Diary of A Wimpy Kid's The Third Wheel at 3:30. Also went shopping and cleaned a bit before starting the reading journey. I'm also STARVING so have been cooking some food. Egg salad coming up soon.

5:00 - 6:00 pm: The Twitter Party was so much fun, thanks everyone! I even won a prize, waiting to see what it is.

6:20 PM: The twitter party is now done, time to get back to reading. Sadly the egg salad did not agree with my stomach. :(

10:00 pm Have now finished the second Diary of a Wimpy kid book, Cabin Fever, and put up a short review of it on Goodreads. Funnier than the Third Wheel, although they were both good.

Have now finished 30 days to understanding the bible. Will go back to it over time for more indepth study. Finally it's off my currently reading pile though!

10:30 - Went through bookshelf and grabbed many thin books on the TBR pile - 2 Mystery Agatha Christies, eight YA books (old style), 1 Crime novel, 1 Drama, 2 classics,   and 2 Harlequins.

Before bed, finished the short, old style children's/YA book, Back to School ( 137 pages )

Also read 45 pages of the older YA/Children's book, The Thing in the Closet by Christopher Pike.

Sunday 9.06

Wow, it's 5:39 PM and I'm only now starting the reading. I woke late, spent too much time on the computer where it FLEW by, brought fiance to work, went and got dinner, and now on the computer too much again.

I did read 8 pages of A Fistful of Charms while waiting for my food to get ready.

New Update: It's now 10:17 PM and I've spent the last several hours on the porch reading. I put on rainymood.com as I'm home alone tonight, turned it up loud, and sat outside hearing it faintly through the window. Since I'm a wimp with humidity I had the portable fan going on me outside. My cat layed on me sometimes, other times not. I read and finished the Junior high aged book The Thing in the Closet by Christopher Pike, then read and finished a Harlequin romance, Man Trouble! by Natalie Fox. Completely different kinds of books there.

So made progress with one book and finished two smaller ones. Later in the bath before bed read two more chapters of Fistful of charms.Total read about 400 pages today.

Monday 10.06

Read 50 pages of Book Lust, almost done! Read a little over 30 pages at lunch of A fistful of charms. Not that busy of a reading day, busy with my son for Summer break. Spent the evening when I got home playing video games with fiance too. Family time.

Tuesday 11.06

Spent time reading at lunch again and a bit in the bath. Still haven't finished any more books but getting closer. Spending tons of time with my son when home after work for summer break.

Wednesday 12.06

Again no finishing of books! Read a lot at lunch on work break. Spent time with son and fiance playing games when I got home. I didn't think I'd get much reading done this week, which is the main reason I tried to focus mainly on the weekend.

Thursday 13.06

Didn't get to read today. Tried to at lunch but this woman kept talking to me and I didn't want to seem rude. Watching Superman tonight to get prepared for going to the movie tomorrow on opening night. Have about 20 pages left of two different books to finish up.

Friday 14.06

The last day! Had fun with the read-a-thon. Was able to read those last pages of two books. Overall the night was dedicated to the Superman movie. We went to dinner at Golden Corral, Books a Million and bought two books, bought some frozen yogurt from Yogurt Mountain, went to Walmart for superman shirts for everyone, and then saw the movie in Imax 3d at 10. Was a great night.

Update coming soon to round up the event.