Day 1: 15 Book Related Confessions

Oh, what fun.  A themed 15 day Book Blogger Challenge. Every day a new question/prompt will be answered for fifteen days. You can start whenever, there is no deadline (other than six months on the website, because of the expiration of the links.) Starting mine tonight, sounds like fun and I haven't done one of these for quite awhile.

The first for day one is
Make 15 Book Related Confessions

1.  I went through a phase for a few years of dog-earring pages.

2.  I purchased two sets of bookstamps from Asspocket Productions, removed all my books from the   shelves and spent days stamping my personal library.

3.  I read my first western book last year.

4.  I still have never read a truly High Fantasy book.

5.  I love fairy tales more as an adult than I did as a child. As a kid I wasn't interested in them at all.

6.  My favorite Bible version is the ESV, and my ESV study bible is one of my most prized books.

7.  When I was in junior high I tried to "wash" the covers of my VC Andrews books to keep them shiny and finger print free by wiping with a damp rag, but accidentally ruined Dawn's face on the cover and never did it again.

8.  When I was a teenager I had the coolest bookshelves my mother made me out of black and red painted bricks and red and black painted wooden boards. Wish I had pictures!

9. I didn't get into comic books and graphic novels until I was an adult.

10. I used to spend all my teenage babysitting money on books at the Goodwill used bookstore before it moved.

11. One of my biggest regrets ever is getting rid of most of my books (back then) when I moved in with a guy and had to make room.

12. Whenever I've waited a year for a favorite series book to come out, when it's released, I plan a day of reading it and treat myself to a special favorite dinner I rarely have to celebrate.

13.  I collect book artwork, reading tote bags, magnetic and regular bookmarks, and have a created book carrier I had my mother sew with an old button to clasp it.

14. I have almost 1,000 UNread books in my personal library :/

15. I don't check books out of the library (prefer owning them) but am a big supporter of the local library and participate in events when I can, contribute with Friends of Library book sales and follow and advertise for them on Facebook and here.