Day 2: Bedtime Reading Ritual

Day Two
What's Your Bedtime Reading Ritual?

I used to read all the time before bed (psst, still do at times.) But lately I've been trying to stop doing that because it keeps me up too late.

Here's the scenario - read, look at the clock, can't put book down, so tell myself this last scene, then I will sleep. That rarely happens and I keep reading. OR I'm in the bath and don't have a clock with me, so when I get out there's a nasty surprise waiting on the alarm clock. And then when I finally get to bed usually the book, if it's very good, has me hyper and I have trouble falling asleep.

Who said reading is relaxing for sleep? Pst. Not for me.

So now I've been reading when I get home from work after unwinding a bit. If it's the weekend and I'm going to read without worrying about sleep, I usually start out in the bath and continue in bed with my robe. Ah, bliss.

If I'm reading at night I rarely eat anything, but I always have a drink handy. Daytime reading I snack or eat sometimes.