Day Six: Book Shopping

Day Six
Describe How You Shop for Books

Ah, shopping for books - truly one of the most blissful things in life to do.

I buy a lot of the newer books I've been waiting for online from Amazon (love their fast shipping, not to mention the free shipping if I go over 25 dollars, which I always add on to do...). For used books online I always use Abebooks (they're awesome)

For used bookstores in the area I love The Book Bazaar. They've been around before I was born and hopefully are around for years to come. Tons of books surrounding me whenever I go in there. They have a GREAT Gothic section of hard to find books and tons of romance and good horror and mysteries.

I also like the local libraries and the friends of the libraries sale, including browsing the once a year sale from Mulberry Library.

I also always check out books at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and any thrift store around.

Finally, for new books when in the area, I go to the local Books a Million and adore it there. <3 p="">
As for methods? I just browse the books, read the backs, and toss them in the cart :)