Happy 4th of July & Local Starbucks Reading

Tonight I started my small reading marathon for the read-a-thon this week. I read at lunch for 30 minutes at work *such a busy day, we are at the end of the fiscal year*, and tonight went out to Starbucks alone (haven't been in months) to sit outside in the night air, drink my double expresso, whole milk only, double-cinnamon, no whipped cream cinnamon dulce latte. Yummy!

Now - I do generally love whipped cream - but I find Starbucks whipped cream kind of scary. It doesn't melt right. IS it from Earth?! And to me lattes are overpoweringly perfect enough with the amount of dairy included in them already. Whipped cream just dishes out overkill for a strong latte.

I don't like coffee. Weird, right? But I do love lattes, especially those inspired from Kim Harrison's Hollows books. This was the drink ordered (more or less, a basic latte was ordered) from the series at their local coffee shop. They called for double expresso, double cinnamon, and whole milk only. I went to try it myself and fell in love. Divine. So, no ordinary coffee for me (although I love grinding the beans and the aroma of fresh coffee brewing), but lattes? Yes, please.

It's a bit funny but the book of choice for the night was a Hollows book, For a Few Demons More, the fifth book in the series, part of my re-reading the series this year. I was glued to the bringing back of Algaliarept in the book, as he wasn't there in over half of it. I left off from this scene when I had to go back to work and couldn't wait to pick up the book again.

I also ordered an "everything on it" bagel toasted with cream cheese to nibble on while reading and enjoying the cool night air. Blissful.

Took some snapshots with my crappy camera phone when leaving - see how blurry!

Came home to hang on the blog and listen to some oldies I haven't rated yet on MediaMonkey. A nice night before the 4th tomorrow. Have any good plans? I want to get tons of reading done, relaxing, a little cleaning, and going to a cook-out with my parents. My father is back in town from work and they're going to grill out hamburgers and hot dogs. Should be fun times. Hope everyone stays safe. May have time to go for a bit tomorrow to Banana Lake, we'll see. Haven't been there for ages either but it seems to fit the holiday season.

And of course it will inevitably rain for Florida Summer.