I am NOT a poet...

....but I wrote this poem for the site one day when in a silly mood.

Many books I'll rapidly read,
A few of them I'll slowly review,
With delight the tattered and the old,
Don't leave out the shiny, pricey new.

From generic fiction made so popular,
To classics that hold timeless magic,
Cliched romances with ripped bodices,
To dramas filled with plots so tragic.

Through older ages I'll relieve youth by books,
Use creepy novels to keep the night alive,
Suspense that keeps the heart-a-pumpin,
Biographies where sheer will survives.

Another time lived in a historical page,
Fantastic worlds where dragons still roam,
Princes, Warriors, and other worlds shall thrive,
They continue to live through legend and tome.

Series upon addictive series,
Fantasies woven through imagination,
Bookshelves bulging with delightful flavor,
All genres hold my captivation.