So far on the past two reading days..

As planned, I jumped into the read-a-thon mainly yesterday on the 4th since I had it off, and also today to jumpstart the weekend. It wasn't planned, but I read two sad endings two days in a row. Egads.

Yesterday after having a fourth of July cookout with my parents, I came home to sit on the new small recliner, prop my feet up on the other one, and play to stimulate a relaxing atmosphere. I was reading Shutter Island, which I've only been reading every so often. I have seen the movie and they're almost identical, and some of the dialogue was irking me, so I read it slower than I figured. The second half was much better, though, and I was surprised to realize that was soon joined by the sound of real rain and a storm outside. So I moved to the small porch where it was really pouring down, sitting in the only corner of the porch that wasn't getting soaked, using a throw blanket on my lap to cuddle up with.

It was great, and I finished the books with tears. The ending is sadder in book form than movie, although the rest of the movie was just as enjoyable as the book. I think it's because I'm inside the characters head and it's reading disjointed as he's confused.

Today I was reading at lunch for work, and at night finished my re-read of the fifth Hollows novel. I went to Starbucks again to relax and read there for an hour or so, and I kept waiting for the heartbreaking ending. I ended up finishing the book laying in bed. The first time around it was a huge shock and I kept getting teary eyed all at work the next day. This time I expected it, but still I cried, and the short story included in the back of the paperback brings the tragedy home that much further. My second time reading this made me enjoy it even more than the first time.

Tomorrow I'm planning to continue a reading day and weekend to catch up. I have several reviews to write and lots of currently reading to finish. I'll see what tomorrow brings. I know I'll be cracking open the sixth hollows book, hopefully finishing Nemesis by Agatha Christie (it's not grabbing my attention like most of her stuff does), and other books I'm itching to read.