Sunday Salon: 7/28

Past Week - Personal Stuff

Again the second half of Summer Break so not much reading. Been spending time with son and fiance. The main thing we've been doing is - you guessed it - sitting around the house. Lots of games together mainly, especially League of Legends. My son and fiance also got the new DC: Injustice game and have played that together a few times. Nice graphics and it's for the superhero fan in all of us.

I've been looking at some layouts to redo the yard and finally start a garden and remodel the porch. I found a list of plants I want to try (wish me luck) but today has been focused on getting rid of the fire ants that have crept up in the yard. Yuck. This week I hope to get a lot of the mulch up that is molding (gross) and pull some weeds now that the ants will be gone. We fixed the torn screen but I want to place some plexi-glass type over the screen to keep the rain from drenching the porch so much. I like the breeze and can open it when I'm outside and it's not raining.


I plan to catch up with reading more when my son goes to his fathers for their half of the summer break, and for the readathon coming up at the beginning of August. I didn't finish any books this week, reading bits here and there at lunch time.  I do have a new friend at the McDonalds I go to daily for lunch break (I don't eat there everyday though, I'd gain 50 lbs!). She brings me books and is an avid reader, which is completely awesome. She usually donates to the Salvation army but thinks they are a bit pricey and wants instead to hand them off to me :)

Website Progress

I've done some reviews the past few weeks but haven't yet put them up on the website. I have been participating in the fifteen day blogger challenge, which has been lots of fun. And also a Top Ten Tuesday this week.