Words and topics that make me avoid the books

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

Amnesia - I really dislike Amnesiac plots. They bug me, whether in movie or book form. There are rare exceptions where I'll read one, but it has to have something else going for it.

Time- Travel - Sometimes it can be okay (Back to the Future, Dr. Who, etc.), but overall I dislike plots that rely too heavily on time travel. To me I am into the story and then suddenly it's zipping around everywhere else and distracting me. I did, however, LOVE The Butterfly Effect.

Baby - I dislike romances where a baby is already involved, the heroine is pregnant, or a single parent.

Politics - I'm not into non-fiction on politics or political thrillers. Ugh to me.

National Enquirer - I dislike books written from their perspective (some of the biographies I've read, as an example.) I think they're sensational, too paparazzi dependent, and generally untrue.

Sports - Not being a sports fan, I'll rarely pick up a book focusing on any sort of sport.

Fairy - A lot of the books I read involved fairies; however, if it's the main plot of the book it can be a turn off to me. I generally just find the race unlikeable as it's usually revealed in the series I read.

Cyborg/Robots - I'm not into these as a central plot source.

❾  Statistics/Mathematics/Physics - Ugh!

Hunting, Fishing or anything related - Not my thing.at.all.

Just realized some of the things on my list which I avoid make me sound...less intelligent. Ah well, what bores, bores.