Beat The Heat Readathon

It's here, and I'm late - a readathon to end summer. Yes, I know summer isn't really ending, but to me as August draws to a close around here it feels like it's ending when kids go back to school. It may be the immature part of me, but it's never officially "Summer" until school is out, and summer break is always over when school is on it's way back again.

The rules are pretty simple - at your own pace read to your heart's delight and content until August 11th. Chat about it, twitter about it, post about it, enjoy it. There will be some prizes and maybe some challenges or so as well. I've enjoyed all the readathons I've done this summer, so looking forward to this one again.

I have read VERY little in July due to family time and work. I knew this would happen and didn't beat myself up about it. I'm annoyingly behind on my 100 books goal at Goodreads, too. Hope this kickstarts August off as a book-filled, plot-rich, riveting month.

While browsing my Goodreads shelves to pick the planned books to read for August, and making a new shelf for it, then standing back - yikes - 30!? Sorry guys, but no. I'm not that much of a Superwoman reader. It would be possibly if I wasn't working and sticking to the short stuff, but otherwise, no. So I've lowered it to a lower 21, and although I seriously doubt I'll get that either, it narrows down the focus to what I know I WANT to read in August and some of which I WILL.

I'm ridiculously excited about the new Magic Rises, the latest Kate Daniels Series. To bring up to the free shipping charge, I added some other books too - all I've been anxious to read. In addition there's other books sitting around I can't wait to get to either. I definitely won't be running out of reading material this month.

Ready to join in? You have until August 5th to Sign Up

I'm already starting 2 days late (EPIC FAIL) - my pre-order and box of books won't arrive till next week apparently (grumbles harshly at amazon), but I have others waiting for me to finish them (yes, Ive read so slow this month) and even more ready to start.

These are the books I know I'll read in August, I just don't know which ones will be finished before the read-a-thon ends.

Currently reading and almost done with
(Black Magic Sanction is a Re-Read)

To Read In August (For Sure)

Runner-Ups After The First 8