BTT: 8/22

 A Weekly Meme Hosted by Booking Through Thursday 

We all know the beauty of reading a really wonderful book for the first time—when everything about the story and the writing and the timing click to make a reader’s perfect storm … but it’s fleeting, because you can never read that book for the first time again.
So … if you could magically reset things so that you had the chance to read a favorite book/series again for the first time … which would you choose? And why?
And then, since tastes change … Do you think it would have the same affect on you, reading it now, as it did when you read it the first time? Would you love it just as much? Would you risk it?

I've been seeing this sort of question float around lately. What always comes to mind is that I really wouldn't want to relive the first magic of a series again. I think it's because once I've read the series and book, the magic has impressed upon me so much that I don't want to forget it, even if it's to read it again. And being such a huge re-reader, I like to revisit the magic often, learning and experiencing something new each time, some little thing I missed the first time around, or else the second time brings with it new emphasis on something that didn't matter as much before.

A lot of times when reading a series, if I'm all into it and dying to see what happens with so and so, or what happens when this finally is revealed, I'm in a bit of an excited, frantic pace. The second re-read is easier, because I can slow down and savor, knowing the big things that will be revealed, but relaxing in the sedating pace of the glorious details.