BTT: 8/8/13

 A Weekly Meme Hosted by Booking Through Thursday 

All other things being equal (good writing, enthralling story, etc), which would you rather read—something serious, angsty, and tragic? Or something light, fluffy, and fun? Or a blend of both? (Since, really, isn’t that how real life works?)

Sometimes I'm in the mood for one or the other, but I prefer a mixture. If something is serious or tragic, it's good to have some humor in there to break it up. A lot of Urban Fantasies, Mysteries, and even some Horror have some humorous thoughts or lines to help break a line in the tension.  Too much angst through a whole book is just emotionally draining, no matter what the genre. On the other hand, I have read mysteries and other books that try too hard to be funny, and they are so light and fluffy I'm bored and not amused.