BWW: 8/11

An Original Paperback Stash Feature

I wanted something that showcased the happenings around book blogs and sites by week, special events in the reading community, a location to display stunning bookstores, libraries, and others. Basically anything to do with the wonderfully huge world of books. Can be posted anytime on the weekend, Friday - Saturday - or Sunday.  Feel free to grab the button and join me!


Bookish-World Places

Bay Shore-Brightwaters Public Library, Children's Room Entrance, Long Island, NY - Endless creativity into making this display and entrance to the children's library. Doesn't this look like a fun, inspiring place to be?

Their teen room is also cozy and well laid-out:
I'm especially intrigued by their Adults Art& Leisure group. They get to go to museums, the opera, and wineries among other things throughout the year.


Bookish-World on the Web

The Summer Beat The Heat Read-a-Thon has been extended for another week! :) Here is the official page.

Bookish-World Creativity

This hauntingly beautiful statue/grave was commissioned for the sister of Caroline Walter, who died of Tuberculosis when she was 17 almost 145 years ago in Germany. She wanted a statue recreating her sister laying in bed falling asleep while reading. The grave is well-known because of the flowers planted on the there in regular intervals.

The sister first noticed a new blooming flower whenever she visited, but as Caroline did not have a suitor that was known, they figured it was a tutor who had fallen in love with her. Since the original families have passed away, still new blooming flowers show amongst the grown over moss. There are speculations that instructions have been given through the decades for the flowers to still be planted by unknown persons.