BWW: 8/18

An Original Paperback Stash Feature

I wanted something that showcased the happenings around book blogs and sites by week, special events in the reading community, a location to display stunning bookstores, libraries, and others. Basically anything to do with the wonderfully huge world of books. Can be posted anytime on the weekend, Friday - Saturday - or Sunday.  Feel free to grab the button and join me!


Bookish-World Places

I'm not sure where this library in Belgium is or what it's called, but it's cool. Reminds me a little of swiss cheese, or maybe that cheese from Diary of A Wimpy kid books.


Bookish-World on the Web

School's starting Monday *sniff, sniff*. Hello again Gage back to school, busier mornings and longer commute times to work because of school traffic. Ugh. But oh well, it's a phase of line, which I suppose is the same thing to say for a lot of the read-a-thons that were popular in the summer starting to wind down.

The extended Beat The Heat Readathon ends today. See my progress (not that impressive, but something) here.

Bout of Books Readathon starts tomorrow on the 19th, the same day school gets back in. Read the details here.

MY SHELF CONFESSIONS has been having a month long giveaway book hop. This week is with Vampires and Zombies too, from the 17th to the 31st. See the details on their site here.

There is also the August New Release Giveaway Hop Here


Bookish-World Creativity

“The Reader” wire sculpture by Derek Kinzett, Wiltshire, England (by Derek Kinzett Wire Sculptures). We've all heard of statues made of stone, marble, and even plastic and books, but this is the first I recall seeing made of wire. It's awesome too, love it. See the rest of his site and work at the name link.