MM: 8/12 (A Day Late...)

Another day late, another dollar short. Oh well. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the new books from last week but, even if I didn't have time to blog play Monday, I still wanted to share them here.

I waited anxiously on this Amazon box for quite awhile. Of course this is the package Amazon chooses to be slow with. I even called them, and they said there was a delay in the shipment to their warehouse.

Finally the box came and I read Magic Rises in a little over a day (with work and all, or else would have gone quicker), after a two year long wait to read from Kate Daniel's Point of View again. Review coming soon.

Everyone here should know that if you order a book from Amazon and aren't a prime member, it makes NO sense not to keep adding books until you hit $25.00 so you can get free shipping, right?

This is a philosophy I live by. :)

Why waste so much  money on shipping when you can spend a bit more and get books instead?

If you already have to wait for one book, may as well be waiting for more than one...

Anyway, my excuses can go all day long. On to the books.

The Amazon Order

Of course Magic Rises is the newest book in the Kate Daniels Series, out the 30th of July, after almost 2 years of waiting from the fifth one. Ilona Andrews released a book last year as told from the point of view of a secondary character, Andrea. While it was decent, I didn't care for it nearly as much.

A Kiss of Blood is the second book of a vampire city series, a very dark Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. The ending of the first held a whallop of a cliffhanger, too. I'm excited to read this one, and was surprised to have found it to be sold cheaper than the original (which to me was high for a paperback.) Read my review of the first here.

Captive in the Dark is a BDSM erotica and has excellent ratings on Goodreads. So far I'm less impressed. It just isn't pulling me in. I'm starting to think I don't care for straight erotica. To me there's so little real emotion involved that I end up bored because I don't care about the characters. I should finish it within the next few days.

The Devil you Know is the first in an Urban Fantasy series that has been out awhile and spawned sequels. It's been on my wishlist for months, and I'm also excited to read it when I get the chance. Here's hoping it's good. I know it's different, as it's told through a male POV and deals with an exorcist.

Friend Gifts

My McDonalds' book friend gave me the above as she's done reading them and is wanting to clear out her stuff. She reads a lot of drama, chick lit, and romance. Free books is always a great thing, and these look like some good ones :)

A Gift From Mom

My sweet mom gave me this - isn't it precious? We cat bond. Book Link

Best Friend Loans

My best friend Melissa is on a serious YA kick this year. Goodie for me that I get them to borrow when she's done. Here's the newest batch she's finished and loaned to me.

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!