The Sunday Salon: 8/11

Past Week - Personal Stuff

This has been a pretty quick week - work AND weekend wise. It was the last week of our volunteering/intern Shontrelle. She was paid by Polk Works for a summer program and would cover my lunch, breaks, and help who needed helping throughout the day. She will be missed.

Friday was an especially enjoyable day. We had our monthly company meeting, but this time instead of in the usual morning time, it was at 11:30. They provided free Papa John's Pizza and drinks (I even munched on a cookie!), a small gift bag - thank you card and subway card, plus hand sanitizer), and a company T-shirt. Another unexpected bonus was being able to leave work (paid) an hour and a half early as we were released as a gift. Fun day and great start to the weekend.

Saturday night I went to my friend Susan's house for a House/Game party. It's the second I've attended and they're always so much fun.  Here's a few shots of us playing Monopoly. For some reason we don't look enthusiastic here though!

I've taken on the cleaning project of shampooing with the carpet with my mom's new shampooer. It works great but after getting tired early on Friday, I haven't finished most of the carpet yet. Doh! Me and my laziness. Today I went to a very late lunch with my mom to Outback steakhouse. It was good getting together again, it's been way too long.


This week's been active with reading. I have done horribly this year overall. If I could keep this rate up it would be much better stat and challenge finishing wise.
I've been keeping track of the progress for the read-a-thon, and have read almost 900 pages from Monday to Sunday. Devoured Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews, great book, and have been reading Black Mariah by Richard Finney. I also started Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts.  I finished Nemesis by Agatha Christie, and a re-read of Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison.

I'm hoping to finish Black Mariah tonight before bed after - ahem - shampooing and getting stuff done I need to.

Website Progress

I've written reviews but haven't yet published them to the site. I know it's been awhile to see reviews here the past few weeks.

Besides a few posts dedicated to the Read-a-thon, I have posted the following this week:

Until next time, happy reading!