Things that make my Bookish Life Easier

Based on a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Things that make my Bookish Life Easier

Oh  Good Grief, I'm late with this one. I would typically skip, but I can't resist this week's prompt now that I've seen it. Late is better than never sometimes, right? Well, I hope so anyway, otherwise my Thursday post for the Tuesday prompt will look a bit silly.

Taking a risk, here's my answers in the wonderful world of no-real-rules book blogging since I, errr, fell asleep for a ridiculously long nap Tuesday after work.

Note: These are NOT in order of importance.

Goodreads. Ah, Goodreads, what bliss you make. Through the years I've made good friends, made my shelves grow a ridiculous amount ( I keep finding more books to add, and can now actually always know how many books I own), make fun shelves, get into the reading community more by follow authors who share their blogs there, friend updates, share my insane love of reading with other bookish fiends, join groups to discuss books by genre, challenge, and whatever theme comes to mind. Through Goodreads I have begun reading more than ever before.

Of course this website majorly counts. Through it I can track my reviews, share them, join in on challenges, make insightful posts about anything bookish, track reader finds (ecards, shopping gifts, themes and trends), do memes, and otherwise just blog about my reading life. This is the best avenue for my reading experience and the most enjoyable and fulfilling.

Oh Magnetic bookmarks, how did my reading life exist without you before? I had stumbled across a few through the years randomly, but I appreciate them more now, especially when finding the website that sells so many of them for so cheap. Which reminds me, I really need to do that post, going to do next... Bookmarks in many themes, small, and they never fall out and lose their place, they never fall out and lose themselves, they never damage book pages. I collect all bookmarks, but magnetic bookmarks are now my official go to.

And to think so many years went by and I didn't join in while my blogging buddies did. I really didn't know what I was missing. By partaking in challenges now, I help bolster my reading numbers for the years, find it easier to get through that TBR pile, and find setting mini goals for myself pure fun. It also makes the end of the year more exciting as I see the newly invented, created, and inspire challenge themes rolling in on the web.

How could this list possibly be complete without mentioning my local used bookstore? I have founds years of fun and book browsing bliss in these walls and among these shelves. Here's hoping it stays in business for years to come.  

This is a newer one, but loving being part of the community, earning points by taking pictures of my books, answering polls, and sharing my thoughts. A  great community idea from Random House.

I'm not as active on it as I should be, but I love following my favorite authors, websites, and challenges on twitter. It's fun to participate in Read-a-thon chats here too.

Ironically, work. Yes it takes away time from reading but, without money, no more books. Also, I have met a great reading friend at work that I sit with at lunch. When she's not there, I get in extra reading time outside with a fresh drink for a dollar and free refill when I live. Bliss. My book friend also gives me free books when she's done with them.

My best friend and I go through books together like water. She loans me hers, I loan her mine. We book buy, book browse, and book talk together. We get each other enthusiastic and keep up the fun. We discuss book series we both read and watch the shows together based on them. We buy each other bookmarks as gifts and understand the love of books together. Similarly, my fiance Nathan is great with my love of reading. He encourages it, never complains when I keep coming home with them, is supportive of my hobby, and reads sometimes himself.


My parents. Without them, I wouldn't be here to be a reader at all. My mom always encouraged my love of reading. When she saw how into it I was, she bought phonics and helped me read early. She built me these amazing bookshelves as a teenager. She took me on trips all the time to the bookstores. She always gave me  money for the school book fairs. She never told me I 'read too much' or 'had too many books.' She was open minded and let me read almost everything I wanted and let me expand my horizons. She made me proud to be a reader.