Cover Crush: Cute...With Glitter!

Loving Cute Covers...With Glitter

Unfortunately it's difficult to show images where the glitter properly shows up with these, so hopefully you have seen some in person yourself.

Personally I find it a great shame publishers decided to update the Sookie Stackhouse books to reflect the show True Blood, rather than staying to the heart of the books and covers which made them popular enough to spawn a TV show in the first place.

Geez, epic fail?

Would you be more inclined to buy the adorable, eye catching original cover art if you didn't know about these books or the standard, mundane offerings?

True, as the books spawned more printings and kept the same original cover, many had foregone the cute, finger-rubbing glitter. Not all though, and I'm pleased to say 90% of my Sookie collection still rocks the glitter.

A few other witch and magic themed stories have started rocking the glitter as well.

The glitter is where the white sparkles are on the cover, raised in an indent I'm obsessed with running my fingers over.

What about your books - have any with glitter?