Cover Crush: Old Gothic Theme

Loving Vintage Gothic Themes

Ah, the Gothic. A bizarre blend of gothic atmosphere, quick romance, mystery, and paranormal elements. Often cheesy, usually melodramatic, these fun books can range from nauseating to addicting. A common theme is a picture of a woman running away from something frightening - usually a castle in the background, sometimes woods surrounded by fog. She is almost always alone on the cover, she is almost always wearing a long, flowing dress and has a startled or frightened expression on her face.

There is a fun blog dedicated to this vintage genre named, aptly, Women Running From Houses.

Also this is a fun cover crush to do since I did my first reading challenge for the site this year dedicated to it. Of course gothic encompasses more than just this type - it also covers horror goth like Frankenstein and Dracula.

These covers are amazingly fun to stare at and stand out as  unique - sort of a pop culture style that's common with comics.

   Gothic Themed

Have you read a good Gothic lately?