Happy FALL Questionaire


I stumbled on this from the site Chrisbookarama (she's great), who found it from My Friend Amy.

Be sure to check out their answers.

Fall is my favorite season, even though Florida doesn't take enough advantage of it. How I wish I lived with the changing color of leaves!

1) What's the first thing that makes you feel like summer is over and fall has arrived?

When it starts cooling off a bit and there's just that certain 'something' in the air.

2) What's your favorite fall fragrance or flavor?

CINNAMON! I have fallen so in love with cinnamon this year it's insane. I never paid much attention to it before. From reading the Hollows books, I started doing the double Cinnamon dulce latte. I've always loved Chai tea but now I make sure to get mixes thick with the cinnamon. I LOVE Apple pie cinnamon scents so part of fall for me is the cinnamon wax melts. I've been making all kinds of mini cakes and mini sugar-cinnamon donut muffins too.

3) Favorite fall goodie?

I like pulling out all things pumpkin - like Pumpkin spice lattes (yum) and pumpkin pie with whipped cream (more yum)

4) Do have any fun fallish outings or traditions? (i.e. apple picking, looking at leaves etc.) If not is there something you've always wanted to do?

No apple picking here! The only fallish thing I do really is book related stuff here. I need a good fall tradition though so maybe I'll find one to start this year, hm. I guess I do go to my convention every October, so that is a tradition of sorts that happens in the fall.

5) Football or Baseball postseason?

Ew to both. I'm not a sports fan. If I had to choose one of those, it would be baseball.

6) Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Halloween is the winner  because of the decorations, parties, horror movie marathons, reading challenges galore, costumes, cute kids, candy specials, you name it. I also love Thanksgiving though but it's more of a short lived holiday and not as much is involved with it.

7) What's your favorite spooky monster?

Oh, there's way too many favorite spooky monsters out there for me to choose one ;)

8) Do you have a favorite quote about fall from a book or movie?

Are there fall quotes??

*Goes off to google*

Found one!

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.”
William Cullen Bryant

9) If you could go anywhere for a weekend trip during the season where would it be?

Somewhere in the mountains would be great. I'm sure the leaves are actually changing colors there (nudge, nudge, Florida!) I love the whole getting chilly air vibe with cabins and log fires too.

10) Describe your ideal fall day.

Being outside is ideal in the fall. It's just so gorgeous out there. Cinnamon treats, right before Halloween where everyone's getting ready, has the decorations up, and is excited. I picture a large farmhouse with wheelbarrows, apples all over the place in barrels, the crisp feel in the air, the smell of fireplaces, children running around and laughing, while I lay outside and read amongst it all. Bliss.