MM: 9/2

This has been a fun week for several reasons, and two of the highlights have been book related.

Root for divorced dad Austin Carr, a lovable, oversexed scamp who'll use anything and everything to get his kids back. Think Bugs Bunny with guns and a penis.
Divorced dad Austin Carr wakes up every day in a beat-up camper, parked on someone else’s private property. Why? Because his alimony and child support payments were established by New Jersey’s family court system when his income was double, and for the last two years he has failed to earn the legally mandated monthly nut. He’s had his savings drained, his Maxima repossessed, his salary attached, and his visiting rights suspended. He bought the twelve-year-old Chevy pick-up with the rusty camper for $800 last month because another landlord tossed his butt in the street. Will stretching the rules, his own morals, and the boundaries of common sense raise the cash needed to get his kids back? Or will his bad behavior set him up for a nasty double-cross? Find out if Austin can redeem himself and win back his children.

New Kindle

It was also a great week since I got a new, free Kindle Fire HD. My parents received a few thousand in gift cards from his company, and this was one of the purchases I used from their gifts at Best Buy. It's neat and I love it, although unfortunately work doesn't have wireless I can sign on to and it seems ridiculously prone to smudging. My fingerprints have the tendency to smudge things like you wouldn't believe. I'm ordering a new case for it this week.